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11th - 12th May, 2017 Senate Bhavan, University of Mysore , Manasagangotri , Mysore
Education India 2017
National Conference on ICT in Education
Perspectives, Practices and Possibilities


Introduction And Conference Overview

Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (or SVYM) is a non-government, development organization, engaged in the development of human and social capital for a resurgent India, through its grassroots service in health, education, socio-economic empowerment, training and research sectors. SVYM has been rendering service to the rural, tribal and marginalized community in Karnataka since 1984.

Acting as a key facilitator in the community's efforts towards self-reliance and empowerment, SVYM has been developing local, innovative and cost-effective solutions to sustain community-driven progress. Today, the organization runs more than 40 projects in the sectors of health, education, socio-economic development, training and research, in the districts of Karnataka.

Thus, with all these programs and institutions with a secular, non-discriminatory approach, the program initiatives now directly impact about 2.5 million people across all the 30 districts of Karnataka. More information is available at our website
SVYM is now organizing, a “ET -17” - National Conference on ‘ICT in Education -Perspectives, Practices and Possibilities’, in collaboration with certain key stakeholders namely, Government, Academia and Non-profit Organisations.

The Goal and Objectives of the Conference are as follows


  • To promote universal access to appropriate ICTs for enhancing quality of school education


  • To sensitize delegates in adopting ICT as a tool for enhancing quality and reach of school education
  • To create a platform for sharing existing and emerging models of ICT in education from India and abroad
  • To create a forum for interaction among representatives of Government, educational professionals, world bodies and voluntary associations enabling understanding of mutual issues and perspectives related to ICT in Education.

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